9 Best Janome Sewing Machine for Quilting- Reviews & Buyers Guide

Image of Janome sewing and quilting machineSince 1921, when it was still named the pine sewing machine factory, Janome has made great and innovative strides to become the world-renowned sewing machine company it is today. It was later renamed the Janome Sewing Machine Company in 1954, and it and has since been among the leading companies in sewing products. Janome sold the first machine with programmable and computerized functions in 1971. It was recognized as the first company to create an automated sewing machine widely used for personal purposes in 1979. Making quilts or quilted garments has also developed as one of the numerous unique processes in sewing. And Janome responded to this development by with the best Janome sewing machine for quilting.

Quilting mainly involves working with multiple layers of fabrics or large volume fabrics. Unfortunately, not every sewing machine can handle quilts. However, some are best in quilting, especially those from a world-leading company like Janome. But this is not as simple as getting a sewing machine. It mainly entails choosing the one that best suits your quilting projects. Janome has made quilting an enjoyable sewing process by designing various sewing machines to handle such tasks with ease. In this detailed article, I will cover the top nine Janome sewing machines for quilting. You will find the reviews very resourceful, as well as the comprehensive buying guide.

1. Janome MC6650 Sewing and Quilting Machine

 The Janome sewing industry has always been at the top in the production of sewing machines. They have a new release with model number MC6650 as the best Janome sewing machine for quilting. As most users can attest, this product has lots of easy-to-use features that will let you take your sewing skills to the next level. It has a flat blade that you can use for all projects, either large or small. Besides, the machine operates with high speeds and precision to comfortably handle even the most demanding jobs.

Janome MC6650 features a start/stop button that provides fingertip control of stitching. With the integrated favorite stitch setting default, you will always have your favorite setting ready each time you turn on the machine. However, you can still enjoy using the 170 utility stitches to expand on this unit’s capability.

Summary of the key features

  • It has six LED lights in three different locations.
  • The unit has memorized needles up and down.
  • It features a 10″ all-metal seamless flatbed.
  • This machine’s maximum sewing speed is 1000 stitches per minute.
  • The product comes with one push needle plate conversion with two included plates.
  • It features up to 170 stitching applications.

Image of Janome, the Best Janome Sewing Machine for Quilting


  • The unit can accommodate both long and small fabrics.
  • You can select your default stitch.
  • The maximum stitch length and width are 5mm and 9mm, respectively.
  • It’s rugged and durable.


  • The maximum sewing speed is only 1000 SPM.
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2. Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

 Indeed, when it comes to quilting, the Janome 2212 Sewing Machine is all you can hope for, and it comes with lots of features that account for its workability. It features 12 inbuilt stitches that you can use for most quilting jobs. The four-step buttonhole is easy to use. Besides, there is a dial pattern selection that you can use to make an easy stitch selection. The zigzag stitch adjustment and stitch length ensure you complete your projects in no time.

Another great feature of this sewing machine for quilting is the free arm ideal for sewing sleeves, jeans, and other cylindrical fabrics. The drop feed mechanism makes the machine versatile for all types of sewing. Besides, it’s lightweight and straightforward to use, thus a perfect machine for beginners. However, it does not come with a needle threader. With a maximum sewing speed of 860 SPM, sewing using this unit is a breeze.

Summary of the key features

  • It’s integrated with a free arm for sewing cuffs, sleeves, and trousers.
  • The maximum sewing speed is 860 SPM.
  • It comes with bonus accessories, including ten bobbins, 90/14 universal needles, and many more.
  • The product has up to eight stitching applications.
  • You will find printed stitching pictures on the front panel.
  • It has a dial pattern selection.


Janome quilting machine


  • The unit has rugged construction for enhanced durability.
  • It’s compact and lightweight.
  • The flatbed is convertible.
  • The product is perfect for beginners.


  • You will have to select the stitching applications manually.

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3. Janome 3160QDC-T Sewing and Quilting Machine

 Janome 3160QDC-T Sewing and Quilting Machine is a fully-featured quilting machine made with the quilters’ needs in mind. In this unit, you will find 60 inbuilt stitches, including six one-step buttonholes. It features an exclusive superior plus feed system which offers specialized box feeding to ensure even and stable feeding with any fabric type. This machine’s time-saving features include the memorized needle up/down that leaves the needle in the up or down position after and before sewing.

The one-hand needle threader and the lockstitch button also save sewing time since they make sewing easier. Best of all, this incredible machine has a compact design and weighs only 12 pounds, thus suitable to take to classes and carry to storage. You can make an easy stitch selection from your seat’s comfort and monitor them on the bright LCD screen. Besides, you will never experience eye strains since the automatic needle threader automatically does the job of precisely pushing the thread through the needle’s eye.

Summary of the key features

  • It comes with up to 60 stitching selections.
  • The unit has an automatic start/stop button.
  • It has a programmable needle up/down feature.
  • This machine comes with an extension table.

Image of a quilting machine by janome


  • There is no need for foot control.
  • It has handy function buttons.
  • You should never worry about running off the edge.
  • It sews in reverse for reinforced stitching.


  • It does not have LED lights for illuminating the sewing path.
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4. Janome 3160QOV

The Janome 3160QOV is another classic quilting machine from the industrial leading Janome manufacturers. With up to 60 nested stitches, including six buttonholes, you have a range of stitching applications for any task. The product also boasts a large LCD screen convenient for displaying the stitch selection and settings. The automatic cutter ensures no thread is left hanging after job completion.

You can’t get enough of this tool’s incredible features since it also comes with a 7mm stitch width that provides great piercing power. It also flaunts a precision tension dial that allows you to set your preferred thread tension. Even more, it has an extension table that provides extra sewing and a working room. The quilting quality is perfect, with speeds of up to 820 stitches per minute.

Summary of the key features

  • The unit has up to 60 stitching applications.
  • The maximum sewing speed is 820 SPM.
  • You can control the maximum sewing speed for precision work.
  • This product has an automatic thread cutter.
  • It features a needle up and down mechanism.
  • The item comes with an automatic needle threader.

Image of the best janome quilting machine


  • You can pivot the needle in either the up or down position.
  • The stitch quality is excellent.
  • It’s easy to view the stitch selections and settings on the LCD screen.
  • It’s a computerized quilting machine.
  • You will have significant fine adjustments in all stitches.
  • It’s easy to set the thread tension.


  • The maximum sewing speed is only 820 SPM.
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5. Janome 4120QDC Computerized Sewing Machine

 This unit has a clever design to allow you to enjoy all your quilting projects and feel the value for your money. With a full LCD screen, you can easily monitor as you input the stitch settings for a convenient operation. It has a simplified control panel that allows for significant fine adjustments in all stitches. Since great jobs begin with significant tension adjustments, the Janome 4120QDC has a tension adjust-system that automatically adjusts the thread tension.

For optimum performance, this unit features an automatic thread cutter that leaves no thread hanging after sewing. The 120 inbuilt stitches offer an array of stitches for all your stitching applications. Indeed, you will enjoy the motor’s quietness that provides immense power, which results in the high-speed operation of approximately 820 stitches per minute. Besides, the unit threads the needle automatically with the automatic needle threader.

Summary of the key features

  • The item comes with the needle up/down feature.
  • It has a maximum stitch width of 7mm.
  • The maximum sewing speed of this item is 820 stitches per minute.
  • This unit integrates a clear view bobbin system.
  • You can easily vary the thread tension using the precision tension dial.
  • It has an extension table.
  • It features 120 inbuilt stitches.

Image of janome sewing machine for quilting


  • The machine trims the thread automatically.
  • You will enjoy extra sewing space and a working room.
  • It has onscreen stitch editing.
  • It features a jam-proof bobbin system.
  • The product comes with an incredible number of accessories.


  • It only has 120 inbuilt stitching applications.

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6. Janome 1600P-QC

 With all its outstanding features, Janome 1600 P-QC will leave you no option when it comes to professional quilting. Among its incredible features is the vigorous motor that produces immense power resulting in high sewing speeds of up to 1600 stitches per minute. Thus, rendering this unit the fastest sewing machine for quilting on the market. With up to 9″ x 6″ to the right of the needle, this machine provides an extra work area ideal for handling long and thick fabrics.

Perhaps, you will have no worries accessing the side loading bobbin from the quilt frame since it’s easy and convenient. From the comfort of your seat, you only have to push the button, and the automatic thread cutter on this unit cuts the bobbin and top thread. Besides, you can quickly raise the presser foot with an ergonomic knee lift while keeping your hands on your work. Indeed, this machine provides everything you need to complete projects quickly and easily.

Summary of the key features

  • The independent motor allows you to wind the bobbin while you sew.Sewing and quilting machine by Janome
  • It has the fastest sewing speeds of up to 1600 stitches per minute.
  • You can use the ergonomic knee lifter to raise the presser foot.
  • The extended table provides a large working room.


  • A robust motor powers it.
  • Cutting the top and bobbin thread requires only a push of a button.
  • You will complete your projects quickly and easily.
  • It’s compact and lightweight.


  • The extension table is only 9” x 6”.
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7. Janome Jem Gold 660

 Not only does the Janome Jem Gold 660 give you the performance of an industrial machine, but it also provides you the quiet operation and sleek design you expect from Janome sewing machines. It incorporates eight inbuilt sewing stitches, including two stretch and utility stitches and a four-step buttonhole. Selecting the stitches is as easy as turning the dial on the side of your unit. Besides, a convenient stitch panel on the front of your machine displays all the stitches at a glance.

The automatic needle threader ensures you never experience eye strains by automatically pushing the thread through the needle’s eye. What’s more impressive about this machine is how it’s easy to use. For instance, you only have to turn the dial to the desired stitch, and the machine automatically takes care of the stitch width and length.

Summary of the key features

  • The automatic needle threader is simple to use.
  • You can do the pants and shirt sleeves with the free arm.
  • This unit comes with a park of extra needles.
  • It has a storage compartment conveniently located on the free arm.
  • It features a jam-resistant bobbin system.

Janome sewing and quilting machine


  • You can easily follow the threading guide from the pictured stitches on the front panel.
  • It’s easy to use the machine, even for a beginner and for quilting classes.
  • You can easily monitor the thread supply.
  • The machine comes with a bunch of different accessories.


  • It does not come with an extension table.
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8. Janome 8077

 Janome manufacturers have not relented. Instead, they have released the Janome 8077 with lots of combined sewer-friendly features in this fantastic unit. This machine features up to 30 well-thought-out stitches. Included in the stitches are six one-step buttonholes that sew a buttonhole precisely as you intend it to be. Viewing your selected stitch length and width is a glance at the bright LED screen. This screen also displays the number of your selected stitches.

How nice is it that you will be able to adjust the stitch length and width by a mere press of the plus or minus button? This is not all. A seven feed teeth box system assures superior feeding from all fabrics’ lightest to the heaviest. The automatic needle threader is simple to use. You only have to pull down the needle threader, put the thread in front of the needle and the hook, then pull back, and your needle is threaded.

Summary of the key features

  • It features a bright LED screen.
  • The machine comes with a seven-feed teeth box.
  • It has a free arm for pants and sleeves.
  • This unit incorporates a needle up/down feature.


Image of a sewing and quilting machine by Janome


  • The start and stop button will enable you to sew without using the foot control.
  • You can set the thread tension, and it stays there.
  • It can sew all fabric types.
  • The product is fully computerized.


  • It only has 30 inbuilt stitches.
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9. Janome JW8100

 Have you been questioning yourself which is the best Janome sewing machine for quilting to tackle your next sewing project? Well, forget all those questions and go for Janome JW8100. This machine comes with cutting-edge technology that ensures you conquer your projects with confidence, power, and precision. It provides you with various innovative features such as the inbuilt needle threader, automatic declutch bobbin winder, presser foot lift, and a 7mm stitch width.

At your disposal is the backlit LCD screen incorporated with easy navigation buttons that makes stitch selection a breeze. You will also find a start/stop button that allows you to sew without the foot control. There is also a reverse button that enables you to sew in reverse for perfect stitching. With this item, you will also have the opportunity to utilize the locking stitch button’s convenience and the needle up/down button.

Summary of the key features

  • The machine comes with an ample extension table.
  • It has a hardcover that keeps it from dust.
  • The pincushion attaches to the machine for easy accessibility.
  • This unit has a maximum stitch length of 5mm.
  • It has an even feed perfect for heavy layers and ideal matching.


  • It’s easy to use.
  • The unit has a rugged construction.
  • It has an adjustable thread tension.
  • You will enjoy using the convenient speed slider.


  • The maximum stitch width is only 7mm.
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Best Janome Sewing Machine for Quilting Buyers’ Guide

 Finding the best Janome sewing machine for quilting for all beginners and professionals, especially the one that precisely matches your needs, is not an easy task. Besides, you can’t go for any unit in the market, even if it’s a top-notch product. You will realize that there are specific features to look for on a machine, primarily that your main focus is now on the quilting machines.

The top-notch machines are not necessarily the outstanding ones, especially for needs such as quilting. Thus, it would be best if you realized what you need then put all your concentration on determining the particular machine’s critical features. But if you still find it challenging, here are some special tips and many more concerning the unique features to look for before purchasing.

What to Look for in the Best Janome Sewing Machine for Quilting

 Since quilting involves large volume fabrics, you should ensure you choose a Janome machine with most of the basic features of any other that will suit your quilting needs. First, consider a product from a renowned brand such as Janome, then decide on the type of unit to purchase. It would help to remember that mechanical machines are more straightforward to manage and ideal for beginners or amateur hobbyists.

However, before purchasing, ensure you consider the automatic buttonholer’s basic features since it’s useful for all who own sewing machines. This feature will sew a button in one step without manipulating a dial or turning the fabric. A perfect quilting machine must be responsive to pressure on the foot pedal, be relatively easy to use, and sew various fabrics without complications. If you have to carry your machine often, ensure you choose a compact and lightweight product with a carrying handle. Also, choose a unit with adjustable presser feet since you will mainly use the machine for quilting purposes.

The number of inbuilt stitches will also be helpful, particularly when sewing in different designs. You should also check the maximum stitch width and length. Automatic features will make your sewing life much easier. And since not all Janome sewing machines have every available feature, the most critical thing is to choose the one with the features and capabilities that suits your needs.

Why You Need the Best Janome Sewing Machine for Quilting

  • Easy to use. With these machines, you do not have to stress yourself when working. Everything about them is straightforward.
  • Large working space. You will have the okay to work on long, short, and thick fabrics with ample functional space. Some units also come with an extension table.
  • Compact and lightweight. These items have a compact design, thus convenient to carry to quilting classes and storage.
  • High-speed sewing. Even though the maximum operating speed varies from one machine to the next, they have a standard high-speed operation.
  • Durable. Durability on these items relies on the rugged construction that includes an internal metal framing.
  • Stitches. You will expound on your sewing ability and the machines’ capability with the incorporated stitching applications.
  • Automatic features. Most of the essential parts of these products function automatically. This includes the automatic needle threader, thread cutter, and automated tension system.
  • Easy stitch selection. You will enjoy the straightforward stitch selection using the stitch selection buttons or knob.
  • Variable speed. You can vary your working speed using the variable speed slide function.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Janome Sewing Machine for Quilting

  • Inbuilt stitches

 Since quilting involves versatility and creativity, you need to choose a machine with various inbuilt stitch styles. I would recommend one which is easily customizable instead of the one that requires presetting. Besides, each item has a dial that provides a range of stitch types, lengths, and widths. You will also have to utilize some decorative stitches, including alphabets, straight, curvy, and numbers. Stitch selection is more accessible with convenient buttons and viewing on the integrated display screen for computerized machines. On the other hand, mechanical units have manual stitch selection using a stitch selection knob.

It would be wise to realize that the number of stitches continuously varies from one unit to another. Therefore, depending on your project’s demand or how you want to expound your quilting ability, choose a machine with your desired number of stitches.

  • Automatic features

If you choose a machine with lots of automatic features, you will enjoy the versatility of free and simple operation. For instance, the automatic needle threader will ensure you never experience any eye strain. The reason is that it automatically and precisely pushes the thread through the needle eye. There is also the automatic thread cutter that automatically cuts the top and bobbin thread.

Another automatic feature is the thread tension system. This feature makes fine-tuning tension easier, especially on intricate projects. Lastly, we have automatic buttonholers. You will find some Janome machines with as many as 12 stitch settings. But it’s good to notice that many units have either one or four-step buttonholes. Therefore, ensure you compare the specs to determine which one your preferred model has.

  • Feed system

 The feed system’s primary purpose in a sewing machine is to control how materials pass through the machine. Janome quilting units excel in this department since they offer maximum material control to avoid mid-projects mid-sharps. Most of the Janome machines have between three to seven-piece feed dogs incorporated with a unique Acufeed technology to provide ultimate control and grip. The drop feed mechanism allows you to lower the feed dogs while the speed control will set the feed’s top speed.

  • Ease of use

 Since quilting is already a demanding project, ensure the machine you choose will make the process easier. The item should integrate the specific features aimed at making your project a breeze. Computerized units are more reliable since they enable you to work with precision. Generally, ensure your product has well-located and easy to use features.

  • Maximum sewing speed

 This is yet another factor of consideration. It would be wise to settle for a unit with very high sewing speeds since quilting involves a large work volume. Be sure to consider the maximum number of stitches your machine of choice can handle in one minute. For Janome products, this maximum number ranges between 860 and 1600 stitches per minute.

  • Workspace

 Likewise, this is a crucial factor of contemplation. The reason is that quilting involves a large volume of fabric. Therefore, it will only make sense if you choose a machine with ample workspace. This includes the base throat space and an extension table. In simple terms, it means the product you settle on should accommodate the type of work you intend to use it for.

  • Price

 What’s your budget? Ensure your budget need aligns with the cost of the machine you prefer. You might have to compare the prices before settling for one. Besides, it will be good to notice that the price ranges are concurrent with the specific machine’s features.

  • Additional features

 The units with some additional features will make all your quilting projects easier. One of these features is the LED light. It’s essential for illuminating the sewing path, especially when working on dark fabrics or a low visibility room.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do You Need An Expensive Janome Sewing Machine For Quilting?

 No, you don’t. You can do the quilting on basic units. However, they have some limiting factors. Therefore, it’s wise to choose a machine that can comfortably handle thicker or layered fabrics. If you are a seasoned or professional quilter, you may want to invest in a unique Janome machine for outstanding features such as embroidery and programmable settings.

  • Are All Janome Sewing Machines For Quilting Computerized?

 No, they are not. You will find some that are mechanical but with unique features ideal for all your quilting jobs. However, computerized machines are preferable because they are more precise and easier to use.

  • Is It Proper Sewing With The Maximum Sewing Speed?

No, it’s not. The maximum sewing speed gives your machine more capability compared to others. Most of the above products have a speed control mechanism. This means that you should control the sewing speeds depending on the task at hand. Only use the maximum sewing speed if you are a professional or when handling a demanding job.

  • Is It A Must To Maintain Your Machine?

Yes, it’s a must. The durability of a sewing unit depends on proper maintenance. You should constantly lubricate the moving parts, among other maintenance practices.


Anyone who enjoys sewing, especially quilting, will prefer a sewing machine that is reliable to make the sewing process easier and faster. As a professional or hobbyist, the most important investment you can make is choosing the best sewing machine, which means that you should take the time to find a suitable unit. The unique thing about sewing machines for quilting is that they are not only valid for the quilting process, you can also use them for other general-purpose sewing jobs. Once you determine the type of machine that suits your projects, the choosing process becomes straightforward.

Even though all the above Janome sewing machines for quilting are reliable and dependable for all your quilting projects, I would go with Janome MC6650 Sewing and Quilting Machine since it outshines the rest with all its innovative features.

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