9 Best Computerized Embroidery Machine for Beginners- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2021

The art of embroidery has had a long and rich history for thousands of years, dating to the 5th century BC, and is deeply interwoven into cultural folklore. There has been, however, an evolution of epic proportion in the way it is accomplished. No longer do you need to break your back over a hoop as you painstakingly create a decorative pattern. Computerized embroidery machines are specifically engineered to be used in embroidery. These machines have varying levels of user input required so that they can begin to sew. The best computerized embroidery machine for beginners can sew exquisite, intricate designs that are beyond imagining.

While a computerized machine may seem a bit overwhelming for a beginner, with patience and consistency, anyone can learn to harness the incredible power of these machines. Below we take a comprehensive look at nine computerized embroidery machines to determine the best choice for you.

List Of The Best Computerized Embroidery Machine for Beginners

1. Brother SE1900 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

The Brother SE1900 is one of the most popular computerized embroidery machines on the market. It is a feature-rich machine that is built for convenience and efficiency. It is a combo embroidery and sewing machine that offers excellent value for money. First, this machine has a 3.2” color LCD used to go through the manual, preview, and edit designs.

The controls on this LCD are intuitive and easy to use. One hundred thirty-eight integrated embroidery designs are useful and innovative, and 11 lettering fonts for the aspiring monogrammer. On the sewing side, you get 240 built-in stitches that offer a wide enough variety.

The 5” x 7” embroidery field, while not the largest, is also the smallest and is an excellent compromise between the two, especially for a beginner. It will offer a large enough embroidery space while the connectivity features allow you access to even more designs.

Summary of Top Features

  • 240 inbuilt stitches
  • 138 inbuilt designs
  • 5’’ x 7’’ embroidery field
  • 11 included fonts
  • 2’’ LCD screen

Image of brother, the best computerized embroidery machinePros

  • Large and easy to use the full-color touchscreen.
  • Jam resistant bobbin.
  • Ten auto-size buttonholes
  • Automatic needle threader
  • You can import designs into the machine.


  • There have been customer complaints about the needle threader.
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2. Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850

The Janome 9850 is an embroidery machine that allows you the freedom to dictate your creative freedom ultimately. One hundred seventy-five inbuilt designs are aesthetically pleasing and useful, and two fonts with European characters and 2&3 letter monogramming functions. Apart from these designs, you can also transfer designs that you download to this machine using the USB port to the machine’s 3MB space.

This machine’s embroidery speed can vary from 60-800 stitches per minute, which is decent enough for you to work in good time. With a large embroidery area of 6.7’’ by 7.9’’, you can work on even larger designs.

There are various editing functions that you can apply to the designs on this machine, including resizing, duplicating, and flipping. For sewing, 200 inbuilt stitches include six one-step buttonholes. This machine’s other outstanding features are the free arm capability, drop feed capability, and speed control slider. The memorized needle up/down is also invaluable in maintaining accuracy when you need to rotate your work.

Summary of Top Features

  • 175 embroidery designs
  • 7-piece feed dog
  • Free arm and drop feed capable.
  • 200 integrated stitches
  • 7’’ x 7.9’’ embroidery area

Image of the Best Computerized Embroidery Machine for Beginners


  • Large embroidery area
  • USB connectivity
  • Memorized needle up/down positions
  • Built-in needle threader
  • Full-color LCD touchscreen


  • Relatively few lettering fonts
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3. Brother SE600 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Another excellent combo machine from Brother is the SE600, which is also wildly popular among embroiderers. This machine is an upgrade to the SE400 and has features that make it an excellent choice for intermediate and novice embroiderers. For sewing, 103 integrated stitches will allow you to work on various projects.

With the automatic needle threader, the thread will be pushed through the needle’s eye without a hassle, saving you a lot of time and effort. The ten styles of auto-buttonholes are also a big plus for this machine, as is the convenient top drop-in bobbin loading that is jam-resistant.

With a large color LCD screen, previewing and selecting 80 embroidery designs becomes a walk in the park. The 4” x 4” embroidery field is relatively small but may suit a beginner who will begin with smaller embroidery designs. If you are interested in monogramming, there are also six fonts that you can use to personalize your work.

Summary of Top Features

  • 80 embroidery designs
  • Free arm capability
  • A top sewing rate of 710 stitches per minute
  • 4’’ x 4’’ embroidery field
  • 103 integrated stitches


  • Automatic needle threading
  • Drop-in top jam-resistant bobbin.
  • USB connectivity
  • Limited 25-year warranty
  • Large 3.7’’ LCD screen


  • A smaller embroidery area
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4. SINGER | Legacy SE300 Embroidery Machine 

From one of the leading sellers of sewing and embroidery machines comes the SINGER SE300 Legacy. This embroidery machine has an impressive 250 integrated stitches. These stitches include eight basic, seven stretch stitches, 18 satins, 23 elongations, 30 heirloom, 22 quilting, and 14 fully automated buttonholes.

When sewing, the maximum speed is 800 stitches per minute and 700 stitches per minute when embroidering. This speed allows you to work efficiently and have an excellent output.

The versatility of this machine is another of its many selling points.  The SE300 comes with two hoops of different sizes. The 10,1/4” x 6” hoop for larger designs, and the 4” x 4” hoop for smaller designs.

This variety allows you to have an even wider range of designs to choose from and work on. The 7 7/8 inch needle-to-tower area also has the advantage of making the management of hoops and projects easier, while the 10 Snap-On presser feet increase this machine’s functionality.

Summary of Top Features

  • 250 integrated stitches
  • Top embroidery speed of 700 stitches per minute
  • A top sewing speed of 800 stitches per minute
  • 200 embroidery designs
  • Ten presser feet included.

Image of an embroidery machine


  • Automatic needle threading
  • LCD touchscreen
  • It comes with 2 Snap-On embroidery hoops.
  • USB design transfer
  • Bobbin winding while embroidering.


  • Costly
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5. Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine

The Brother PE535 is among the best computerized embroidery machines for beginners. It has tutorials built into it that walk you through this machine’s fundamental processes and gives you some handy tips. Eighty built-in designs are versatile enough to be used on an extensive range of projects.

The LCD is easy and intuitive to use and large enough to see the design you have picked. You can also easily edit your design, alter the colors of different parts, and change the design you want to use. Apart from the machine’s inbuilt designs, this machine also allows you to import designs using the USB port. You can also download designs from Brother’s iBroidery website.

This machine’s outstanding feature is the automatic needle threader, which saves you a lot of time and effort and keeps you from being frustrated. This machine’s embroidery field is 4” x 4”, which is relatively small but the right size for a beginner. There are also nine integrated fonts to allow you to personalize your designs.

Summary of Top Features

  • 80 inbuilt designs
  • 4’’ by 4’’ embroidery field
  • Nine built-in lettering fonts
  • 2’’ LCD touchscreen

Image of best computerized embroidery machine for beginners


  • USB connectivity
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Automatic needle threading
  • Convenient drop-in top bobbin
  • Portable


  • It is an embroidery-only machine.
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6. Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine

This single needle machine from Brother is the perfect blend of convenience, value, and efficiency and has 138 inbuilt designs and 11 embroidery fonts to personalize your designs. The range of the lettering fonts includes 7 English, 1 Cyrillic, and 3 Japanese. The LCD screen has editing features that will allow you to customize your designs and preview them before embroidering begins.

Patterns can also be transferred to the machine using the USB port. At the touch of a lever, you can also thread this machine automatically, a process that will make your work process more straightforward.

Apart from allowing you to do some great designs, the drop feed dog feature on this machine will also allow you to do some free motion quilting with the right quilting feet. The embroidery field is 5” x 7,” and the machine comes with a high-quality hoop to keep the fabric taut. Another impressive feature of this embroidery machine is the speed of 650 stitches per minute, which is ideal for embroidering reasonably large volumes of work.

Summary of Top Features

  • Embroidery area of 5’’ x 7’’
  • 138 integrated embroidery designs
  • 11 included lettering fonts (7 English, 1 Cyrillic, and 3 Japanese)
  • 2’’ LCD screen

Image of a computerized embroidery machine


  • Numerous lettering fonts
  • Decent-sized embroidery area
  • USB connectivity
  • Automatic needle threading
  • Generous inbuilt designs


  • The machine has embroidery-only capability.
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7. EverSewn Sparrow X Next-Generation Sewing and Embroidery Machine

The Sparrow X is an embroidery and sewing machine from EverSewn that seamlessly incorporates cutting-edge technology into a delightfully functional machine. This machine’s stand-out feature is that it comes with a compatible mobile app that will help you customize your embroidery designs and other automated features.

The app has a user-friendly interface, its integrated Wi-Fi module, and will work on both phones and tablets. You can track your progress through Wi-Fi and check your current status, time remaining, etc., through the app.

Automated features located in this machine include the thread trimming function and the tension adjustment, ensuring that you do not get bunched fabrics or skipped stitches. There are also 100 embroidery designs in this machine’s library and 120 stitches that provide an excellent variety for sewing and embroidery.

These designs can be edited and customized using the app. A storage compartment at the machine’s bed also provides a secure location to store your bobbins, needles, and other accessories.

Summary of Top Features

  • 100 embroidery designs
  • A maximum stitch width of 7mm
  • A maximum stitch length of 4.5mm
  • 120 inbuilt stitches

A compurized embroidery machine for beginners


  • Advanced auto-threader
  • Adjustable foot presser pressure
  • Automatic thread trimming
  • Two hoops included.
  • Easy-to-use app


  • You need to reset the tension adjustment each time you start the machine.

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8. Brother LB6800PRW Project Runway

The Brother LB6800PRW has the unique honor of being the only machine in Brother’s Project Runway with the combined functionality of both sewing and embroidery. This versatility and the features available at that price point make this machine an incredible find. This machine has 67 inbuilt stitches that offer a decent variety.

These stitches range from utility to quilting, heirloom, and decorative stitches. There are also 70 embroidery designs, five lettering fonts, and 120 frame patterns. The quick set-top drop-in bobbin system allows for a quick and straightforward rethreading process, and the needle threader, while not entirely automatic, is easy to use and marked on the machine.

For the LB6800PRW, its most prominent feature is not only that it is a computerized model, but that it allows you to update your machine’s features regularly and purchase new designs from iBroidery. This way, your creativity is limitless, and you can experiment with an infinite number of designs.

The 7-point feed dogs are also great for fabric movement and ensure seamless feeding that results in neat and consistent stitches. Other great features include the adjustable sewing speeds and easy-to-navigate LCD screen.

Summary of Top Features

  • 67 inbuilt stitches
  • 70 embroidery designs
  • 4’’ x 4’’ embroidery area
  • 7-point feed dogs
  • Five lettering fonts

Image of an embroidery machine


  • USB connectivity
  • Well-lit workspace
  • Design-editing features
  • Automatic thread cutter
  • Adjustable sewing speed


  • Small embroidery field
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9. Janome Memory Craft 400E Embroidery Machine

The Janome Memory Craft 400E is one of the best computerized embroidery machines from Janome. The embroidery field is 7.9” x 7.9”, which is excellent for anyone looking to sew larger designs. This feature does not mean that you cannot sew smaller designs. The machine is also compatible with smaller embroidery hoops for those looking to do smaller designs.

The machine has 160 embroidery designs that offer a large variety. These designs can be enlarged, reduces, flipped, and edited in many other ways to produce the unique image of what you want.

You can easily and quickly perform the edits on the touchscreen’s control panel. If you want even more designs, you can download them from the internet and then import them to the machine using the USB port. If you feel even more creative, you can download software to create your designs and then transfer them to the machine.

This machine’s unique feature is the programmable jump thread trimming, which allows it to direct jump thread trimming, jump to your desires stitch, and return to the thread break post.

Summary of Top Features

  • 9’’ x 7.9’’ embroidery fields
  • Six monogramming fonts
  • Inbuilt USB port
  • 160 embroidery designs
  • On-screen editing


  • Large embroidery field
  • Automatic thread cutting
  • Advanced needle threader
  • Well-lit working area
  • Easy set bobbin


  • Presser foot pressure is not adjustable.
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Best Computerized Embroidery Machine For Beginners Buyer’s Guide

While computerized machines offer incredible power to the user, buying the wrong machine can leave them unable to use it efficiently. Below is the ultimate buyer’s guide to help beginners choose the best machines they can use comfortably to develop their skill set.

Why Should You Buy The Best Computerized Embroidery Machine For Beginners?

1. Convenience

The convenience offered by computerized embroidery machines is unparalleled. They require little manual work on your part to produce the best results. After you load the design and set the machine correctly, all you need to do is let it work.

2. Versatility

Computerized embroidery machines have dual functionality and can be used for sewing as well as embroidery. This duality not only saves you money but also offers excellent value.

3. Connectivity

Connectivity is one of the most vital features of computerized machines. The ability to connect to these machines via a USB port allows you to expand your creative options and supplement your portfolio with downloaded and original designs.

What Should You Think About When Buying the Best Computerized Embroidery Machine For Beginners?

1. Type of machine

There are two ways you can look at the type of embroidery machine you want to buy.

i) Single Needle vs. Multi-Needle Machine

A single-needle embroidery machine looks almost the same as a standard sewing machine with a detachable embroidery unit and a flatbed bottom. This machine has only one head with a needle, bobbin, thread, and other parts. The needle in this machine stays still while the arm moves around and recreates the embroidery design.

A single needle machine has only one pint where the hoop can be attached and has significantly lower speed and output than a multi-needle machine. Along with its ease of use, these features make this machine a perfect choice for a beginner or a home user who does not embroider professionally.

A multi-needle machine, on the other hand, as is seen from its name, has multiple needles that can hold different thread colors, with some machines having as many as ten needles.  This feature means that you don’t have to rethread the machine every time you want to change thread colors as you work. These machines have 2 points of hoop attachments and are more capable than single head machines.

Features on this machine such as higher speed and faster working make this an excellent choice for serious professionals. While beginners may struggle more with this machine than the single needle one, it can prove quite a useful asset when mastered.

ii) Dedicated vs. Combo Machine

A dedicated machine can only perform embroidery, while a combo machine can embroider and do general-purpose sewing. A combo machine can be a significant investment, and you get value for your money from the multiple functionalities. It is an excellent option for a beginner who is looking to do embroidery but not exclusively.

A dedicated machine would be an excellent asset for anyone looking to do specialized embroidery. You can also get a dedicated embroidery machine if you already own a sewing machine and are looking o supplement it.

2. Hoop Size and Embroidery Area.

These two terms, while related, are not entirely similar. The embroidery area is the space inside the hoop that you will use to embroider. On the other hand, the hoop is a piece of equipment needed when embroidering to ensure the material stays taut and stretched.

Hoops are vital in ensuring that the stitches are placed well and not distorted and that the fabric does not bunch up between stitches. Therefore, the hoop size will also directly impact the embroidery area’s size, which will be smaller as the machine can’t sew too close to the hoop edges.

Three of the standard hoop sizes include:

  • A 4’’ x 4’’ hoop will have a sewing area of 3.94 x 3.94 inches.
  • A 5’’ x 7’’ hoop will have a sewing area of 5.12 x 7.09 inches.
  • A 6’’ x 10’’ hoop will have a sewing area of 6.30 x 10.24 inches.

When selecting an embroidery machine, take into account the size of the designs you plan to do. While a beginner may start by doing small designs, it is a good idea to get a larger hoop size as your needs may change in the future. It is possible to use a large hoop for smaller projects but nigh impossible to use a small hoop for larger projects.

3. Connectivity

Among all the useful features offered in embroidery machines, top of this list must be the connectivity options. Apart from the numerous embroidery designs that come imported with the machine, modern embroidery machines allow you the option of downloading designs from the internet and transferring them to the machine. The sheer number of designs you can embroider this way is limitless.

Some embroidery machines need to be connected directly to your computer via a cable, while other machines have a USB port that you can use to import designs. Others still have software that needs a connection manager to transfer designs.

Choose the machine that offers the most convenient design transfer process for you. Some embroidery machines also come with an offer of free or low-cost access to thousands of their designs, which might be of interest to you.

4. Built-in Designs and Design Editing

As mentioned above, embroidery machines come with several designs already installed. You will have a choice between machines that have lower and others with more installed designs.

But the choice of inbuilt designs goes far beyond the number of designs offered and into design quality. Some embroidery machines offer boring designs that you would probably never want to use, while others offer useful, pretty, and innovative designs that you will use often.

Besides the number of and quality of designs, you may also want to investigate the design editing features that are provided. Some of the more high-end machines allow you to edit and manipulate the design before stitching.

It is a good idea to choose a machine whose software allows you a more significant say over the result and allows you to explore and innovate embroidery patterns. This feature will not only improve your skill, but it will also allow you to express your creativity in unimaginable ways.

5. Features

The features that the machine offers will largely determine your experience embroidering with the machine. Some of the features you should look for before buying the best computerized embroidery machine for beginners include:

  • Automated features- automatic features that you should look for in an embroidery machine include thread tension, thread trimming, and needle threading. When it comes to thread tension, sewing with improper tension can cause problems such as fabric bunching and stitches skipping. A machine that adjusts this automatically helps you avoid these complications. An automatic thread trimming feature will cut the threads for you so you do not have to do it by hand, while the needle threading will be a godsend for those with poor eyesight or low dexterity.
  • Knee lifter- the knee lifter is invaluable when working on thicker fabrics. It helps you lift the presser foot without removing your hands from your work, which is excellent for maintaining accuracy.
  • Throat width- the throat width is the distance between the fabric and the needle. The wider the throat width, the easier it is to embroider.
  • Speed- A fast speed is undoubtedly important in helping you get through your work quickly so you can move on to other projects. But while fast speeds are important, an even more important feature is speed adjustability. A beginner may be more comfortable starting with a lower speed that allows them to feel more confident as they work. This feature is also important in the sewing side of combo machines as slowing down can help you be careful with intricate and precise work.

6. The Display

The LCD screen features will determine how easy or hard it will be for you to control and use many important features of this machine. A too-small screen will have you squinting all the time and will likely cause you a lot of frustration. Choose a machine whose screen size will allow you to view and manage the controls comfortably without eye strain.

Another screen feature that you should look for is whether it displays in full color. This feature is vital for when you are embroidering colorful designs. A full-color display will allow you to view a colorful design precisely as it will appear on the fabric. This full color will also help you when editing individual sections’ colors to see how well that color fits in.

A responsive screen will also help you move faster and avoid errors that occur from missed touches. Other features to look for in a screen include clarity and whether it is backlit for better viewing.

7. Your Budget

It is important to know that a computerized machine will be more expensive than your run of the mill mechanical machine, not to say that you need to break the bank to pay for one of these machines. To make sure that you do not buy a machine beyond your means or settle for a machine you do not like, you will need to plan your budget.

Decide how much you are comfortably willing to spend on an embroidery machine and narrow it down to the machines within that range. Add some money to the determined amount as the upper limit in case some unexpected costs show up.

While buying from popular brands may be a great choice, do not fall into the trap of paying for the name instead of the product. If you can get similar features and specifications from another trusted brand at a more affordable rate, go for it. Also, talk to any embroiderers you know and ask around for locations where you can buy these machines more affordable. 

Final Thoughts

The best computerized embroidery machine for beginners has broadened our thought and redefined what we thought we knew about embroidery. Today, designs that seemed impossible just a few decades ago can now be accomplished quickly. Anyone can now create a design using available software, transfer it to the machine and watch even the most intricate designs come alive.

For professionals, embroidering pieces that require a lot of colors is just as simple with a multi-needle machine that allows you to embroider the design at once without rethreading the machine from each color.

The best part about the computerized machine space is that the leaps and advancements in this area are just getting started and the Brother SE1900 Sewing and Embroidery Machine. The possibilities in the future are beyond imagining. Therefore, every embroiderer needs to get a machine that allows you to install updates as the company rolls them out. Thus, you will always have the best possible experience and stay on top of your game.

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