10 Large Throat Sewing Machines for Quilting- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Image of Large Throat Sewing Machines for QuiltingWhen it comes to sewing long and thick fabrics, the ordinary sewing machines might not be the best machine for you. Instead, you need a high-performance alternative that can handle virtually all materials; you need the large throat sewing machines for quilting; these tools easily handles the long and hard-to-sew materials. 

Usually, heavy-duty machines come with a complete working table that helps increase the unit’s throat capacity. They also have a powerful motor, which ensures the production of immense power that facilitates high-speed operations.  

Additionally, these products come with well-positioned control systems that enable you to have an easy operation of the entire device. However, choosing remains a nightmare for the majority due to many brands in the market. 

In this article, I’ve reviewed only the very best products in the market for your different quilting projects. Additionally, I’ve included a buyer’s guide with all the necessary aspects of the large throat sewing machines for quilting before shopping.


List of The Large Throat Sewing Machines for Quilting

1.Janome MC6650 Sewing and Quilting Machine

The Janome MC6650 is a thing of beauty and, above all, performance. This machine boasts an impressive logo design, color, and size, making it the best large throat sewing machine for quilting. This remarkable unit features a memorized needle that automatically moves up or down to give you a complete project in no time.

The tool integrates a one-push needle plate conversion with two included plates that firmly hold the seams for enhanced sewing. As a remarkable feature, the device has a wide working area measuring 10 x 4.7 inches, with a large throat enabling you to work on king size quilts effectively.

With its start and stop button and the favorite stitch setting default, you can easily select the preferred stitch with a mere fingertip and have your treasured stitch setting as the first option any time you turn the machine on. 

Summary of the key features

  • This machine has up to 170 optional stitches to pick from, and it can also memorizing your preferred stitch as the default setting.
  • It incorporates up to 6 LEDs located at three different positions to offer more accurate and precise results.
  • The extensive work-area measuring at least 10 x 4.7” provides a large throat that enables the machine to tackle large quilts effortlessly.
  • You can make use of the needle threader that has a memorized up and down motion to accomplish all your sewing and quilting projects precisely. 
  • This tool has a maximum stitch length of at least 5mm and stitch-width of 9mm, therefore tackling even the hard to sew materials.


  • Compact and lightweight.
  • It features two alphabetic fonts.
  • The tool has a maximum sewing speed of up to 1000 stitches per minute.
  • Perfect for both large and small projects.
  • Fingertip controlled stitching.
  • It’s a high-speed and precision machine.
  • Bright LCD backlit display.


  • This machine only has 170 utility stitches.


2. JUKI TL-2000Qi Sewing and Quilting Machine

JUKI products have a reputation for producing the best sewing and quilting technology- one such is the JUKI TL-2000Qi Sewing and Quilting Machine. This incredible product boasts of a robust motor that provides immense power, resulting in high-speed operation of up to 1500 stitches per minute.

Moreover, it has an aluminum die-cast arm and bed that ensures you have comfortable work time. It features the ability to absorb vibrations resulting from the high-performance motor. The unit further has an automatic needle threader that facilitates the thread’s easy starts and effortless pushing through the little needle hole.

As one of the best large throat sewing machines for quilting, the JUKI TL-2000Qi has a vast working space- Backed up with an extension table that increases its throat, thus capable of handling even the long fabrics.

Summary of the key features

  • The unit has a maximum stitch length of up to 6mm. Therefore it comfortably handles the thick fabrics.
  • It also features a vigorous motor that powers it to produce a high-speed performance ranging from 0 to 1500 stitches per minute.
  • The extension table provides a vast working area to effectively handle the small, long, thin, and thick materials.
  • You will also experience vibrationless operations, thanks to its aluminum die-cast arm and bed that absorbs the produced vibrations.
  •  This tool also prevents you from having a fatigue work time with its one-pedal operation mechanism.


  • The tool hallmarks LED work lights.
  • This machine is ideal for quilting home decor and apparel.
  • It features an extendable work table.
  • The unit also has a conveniently located stitch selector dial.
  • High-speed operations.
  • It also has rubberized feet to prevent walking and wobbling.


  • This machine does not have an LCD system.


3. Juki TL-2010Q 1-Needle

The Juki TL-2010Q 1-Needle sewing machine comes with prominent features such as the single needle and the lock-stitch- This enables it to perform exceptionally in all the sewing and quilting operations. The product also has an aluminum die-casting construction that ensures your tool provides industrial-quality sewing.

Additionally, the unit guarantees accuracy thanks to its bright white LED lighting that illuminates the sewing path. Moreover, the machine integrates a variable speed control slider that you can use to vary the operating speed depending on the materials.

This incredible tool has a wide working area measuring up to 23″ with an attached auxiliary table- That gives it a large throat to manage the long and thick fabrics effectively. You will also be able to trim top and bobbin threads using the units’ exceptional foot-controlled trimming system.

Summary of the key features

  • The machine has an automatic thread button capable of simultaneously trimming the needle and bobbin threads at the sewing end.
  • You can use either the foot controller or the trim button to initiate the machines’ thread trimming mechanism.
  • This unit also attributes a thread tension scale that will help you regulate the tension depending on the material.
  • The product features a speed control lever that you can effectively use to regulate the operating speeds.
  • The programmable needle automatically stops in the down position allowing for pivoting and also enhances more accurate operations.


  • It features a knee lift to lift or lower the presser foot.
  • Free-motion operation.
  • The foot presser can lift to 12mm high.
  • Microcomputer controlled speed control mechanism.
  • The tool provides a fine-tuned thread tension.
  • There is no quivering when sewing at high speeds.
  • It has a large throat capacity.


  • This machine features only one LED light.


4. Brother PQ1500SL Sewing and Quilting Machine

The Brother PQ1500SL Sewing and Quilting Machine swanks with its in-built feed dog positions. This feature functions drastically by coordinating with the thread pressure dial to offer consistent stitching on different materials. 

Additionally, the feed dog positions are well-labeled for easy notification. For instance, the green-colored dial is ideal for medium to heavy fabrics, blue for light fabrics, red for pin feed mechanism, and the black colored knob for free-motion quilting.

The tool also has an excellent roomy workspace measuring up to 11″ x 21.5″ complete, with an expansive 5.7″ x 8.6″ needle-to-arm space, which enhances the machines’ operation on large projects bulky quilts. 

The adjustable pin feed mechanism enables you to exchange the feed dogs for single-use effectively. This feature extends from beneath the machine, shifting all layers of your quilt together and moving the delicate velvet without leaving any feed dog maps. 

Summary of the key features

  • The tool has an excellent motor that provides immense power to facilitate the high-speed operation of up to 1500 stitches per minute.
  • It also incorporates an advanced needle system that allows elementary starts to complete all the sewing projects quickly.
  • This machine also has a broad working table hence a large throat that facilitates the sewing and quilting of long materials.
  • You also have seven sewing feet at your disposal to enable you to design unique quilts.
  • This unit also hallmarks a precision feeding system that ensures you always get accurate feeds on a wide variety of fabric thicknesses.
  • It has a maximum stitch length of up to 5mm in length and 7mm width to comfortably handle all your projects.


  • The tool features a LED work light.
  • You have a 25-year customer warranty.
  • This machine also has a removable knee lifter.
  • It has a large workspace.
  • The unit has a full range of foot pressure adjustment.
  • It also has an automatic thread cutter.
  • This tool saves you time without compromising on the quality.


  • The unit only features four feed dog positions.


5. Janome Memory Craft Horizon 8200QCP Special Edition With Exclusive Bundle

Meet Janome Memory Craft Horizon 8200QCP Special Edition With Exclusive Bundle. This machine will capture your attention as a professional or an amateur with over 200 optional stitches- among them being alphabets, numbers, seven exceptional styles of automatic buttonholes.

This device can memorize all your commonly used stitches and save them for the next operation time. Consequently, you can also elongate the patterns up to five times the standard length to develop unique designs.

The 8200QCP model acknowledges the extensive throat capability, with its exclusive extra-large extension table with cloth guide set and a 2 -spool thread stand. This tool also has a unique sheer length arm space at about 11″(280mm) to facilitate the sewing of any fabric sizes.

Summary of the key features

  • The tool has a nested Acu feed system that ensures that it precisely handles any type of fabric.
  • It also attributes an easy change needle plate that enhances the straight stitchings performance of the tool.
  • You will also have shadow-free lighting, thanks to the machines’ 5-bright white lights.
  • This unit gloats with its extensive touch screen LCD system that you can use to input the stitch selection.
  • You can elongate the patterns up to 5-times the standard size for enhanced performance.
  • It also features a speed controller to help you set the sewing speeds.


  • The tool has a start and stops button, the alternative of the foot control.
  • This machine operates at a maximum speed of 1000 stitches per minute.
  • It features a large 11” sewing area.
  • It also has an adjustable knee lift.
  • Extra-high presser foot lift.
  • Lock stitch button.


  • The device only operates at speeds of up to 1000 stitches per minute.

6. Brother HC1850 Sewing and Quilting Machine

Beginning with the well-labeled stitching options on the side, the Brother HC1850 Sewing and Quilting Machine also have a backlit LCD system. You can use this feature to pre-set the desired stitching option among the possible 185 in-built utility and decorative stitches on this tool.

This machine also incorporates up to 55 alphanumeric sewing stitches ideal for ordinary monogramming, making it the best large throat sewing machine for quilting. Besides that, it has eight distinctive presser feet that you can use to enhance the tools’ performance. The HC1850 model further incorporates a push-button stitch selector that helps you to access the stitching options easily.

Take control of the entire sewing process with the tools’ adjustable sewing speeds. You can also utilize the detachable foot controller and the unique feed system to tackle almost all fabric types. The unit also features a complete working table with a large throat to easily sew even the long seams.

Summary of the key features

  • The large backlit LCD systems facilitate easy pre-setting and monitoring of the operations conditions.
  • It also has one nested monogramming sewing font, which includes letters from A-Z and numbers from 0-9, 8-specialty symbols, and seven punctuation marks.
  • The tools’ large throat and extended table enables it to tackle the long fabric materials.
  • If you are an amateur, you can utilize the machines’ handy stitches flip-chart to determine the correct stitching option.


  • Super bright work area.
  • Convenient stitch speed slide control. 
  • You can easily thread using the automatic needle threader.
  • Quick set bobbin system.
  • Wide quilting table.
  • Drop feed for free-motion sewing.


  • The tool only has one in-built monogramming sewing font.


7. Elna Elnita ef72 Sewing and Quilting Machine

With the markings on the needle plate, you will always have precise seams while sewing with the high-performance Elna Elnita ef72 Sewing and Quilting Machine. This tool also characterizes a 7-piece feed dog system that enables it to facilitate the smooth fabric feed.

This tool integrates an automatic bobbin winder- Which automatically stops itself when it has completed the winding process. The unit also has an adjustable thread tension control that allows you to make elementary adjustments depending on the fabric.

Combining the extra high presser foot lift and the large throat enables the machine to efficiently handle denim seams and other bulky fabrics. You rest assured of accurate sewing with the tools’ 3-LED lights illuminating the sewing path through the bed and by the needle.

Summary of the key features

  • The unit has a rugged aluminum outer body that provides stiffness to the machine enabling it to handle any fabric type.
  • This machine also has easy-to-change needle plates designed to handle even the hard-to-sew materials.
  • It features 3-LED bright lights illuminating from different angles to ensure precise sewing at all times.
  • The 7-piece feed dog system facilitates the elementary fabric feed.


  • Adjustable thread tension control.
  • Extra-high presser foot.
  • 25-year customer guarantee.
  • It requires no screws to remove the aluminum interior metal framing.


  • It only features a 7-piece feed dog system.


8. Juki HZL-F600 Full Sized Computer Sewing and Quilting Machine

When you hear of JUKI products, the first impression should always be high-quality, and that’s precisely what you get with the Juki HZL-F600 Full Sized Computer Sewing and Quilting Machine, which features an easy to use LCD system.

Additionally, this incredible tool has a broad work table that has resulted in the large throat size, enabling it to handle long and thick materials conveniently. The HZL-F600 model has a stunning design that adopted the box feed technology. Therefore the machine offers outstanding feed performance and beautiful seams.

This tool stands out as the only quilting machine with a large throat that utilizes the sensor method buttonhole.

Summary of the key features

  • The unit swanks with its knee lifting lever that eliminates the fatigues caused by lifting the presser foot with bare hands.
  • It also has an independent motor that helps to wind the bobbin thread automatically.
  • The dual LED light system helps illuminate the sewing area and the needle for better material handling.
  • It has an extended sewing table and a more expansive underarm space to handle large seams comfortably.


  • It has a powerful feeding.
  • Ideal for heavy-material projects.
  • The presser foot can lift to 12mm high.
  • Free-motion sewing.


  • The tools motor can be a bit noisy.


9. Q’nique Quilter 15R: The exciting New mid-arm Quilting Machine

The Q’nique Quilter 15R mid-arm Quilting Machine is a high-performance tool. First, this unit has a considerable throat space of approximately 15″- This enables it to accommodate large blocks and patterns comfortably.

This impressive device can also work effectively with Quilter’s Creative Touch Software, rendering it a computerized automated quilting machine. It offers so much speed of up to 1800 stitches per minute. 

Additionally, the machine has exceptional control handles that can manage the entire unit. These handles contain all the main settings divided into six quick-access buttons.

Summary of the key features

  • The tool attributes a full color LED display that keeps every setting visible.
  • It also has four different stitch modes to enhance the tools’ competence.
  • The dual thread towers and the easy-access bobbin enables you to monitor the thread supply keenly.
  • It features two arms embedded with six control dials.


  • Lightning-fast operating speeds.
  • Cruise mode enables you to set the minimum operating speed.
  • Ideal for use with different frames.
  • Fully computerized.
  • Variable speeds.
  • It also integrates an in-built stitch regulator.


  • It’s relatively expensive.


10. Janome 4300QDC-B Sewing and Quilting Machine

The Janome 4300QDC-B Sewing and Quilting Machine have twin-needle functionality, mirror stitching, among other cutting-edge features. This heavy-duty device also boasts of up to 300 stitching options that you can use to come up with extraordinary sewing designs.

Furthermore, it features the 7-piece feed dog system, locking stitch button, easy reverse button, and foot pressure adjustment: all these combinations and many other results in this unit’s efficient performance. 

You will also not face trouble with the machine’s durability since it has a whole-metal sturdy construction and a secure feeding system.

Summary of the key features

  • The tool has up to 300 optional stitching utilities for various sewing operations.
  • It also has a bright LED light suitable for illuminating the sewing path.
  • The hardcover large extension table accommodates even the large seams. 
  • This machine integrates an auto-declutch bobbin winder that does all the winding process for you.


  • It has a memorized up and down needle.
  • LCD screen with easy navigation.
  • Manual thread tension control.
  • Compact and lightweight.


  • The seam foot only measures ¼”.


Large Throat Sewing Machines for Quilting Buyers’ Guide

You will always require a heavy-duty sewing machine when handling long, thick, and heavy fabric – and as from this article, you realize that the large throat sewing machines will help you perform these projects in no time.

However, you should be very keen on choosing the best out of the existing machines in the market today. This buyer’s guide has all the details of the critical factors you need to have before settling for a product.

Why You Should Buy a Large Throat Sewing Machine for Quilting

  • Easy to use.
  • Fully computerized.
  • Optional stitching utilities.
  • High-speed operations.
  • They feature an automatic needle threader.
  • The tools also have an LED lighting system.
  • Well-positioned control dials. 
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • They come in various designs and capabilities.
  • These tools also feature an automatic bobbin winder for monitoring thread supply.
  • Variable operating speeds.
  • Adjustable thread tension.
  • Easy to use stitch-selector.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Large Throat Sewing Machine for Quilting

  • Maximum operating speed

The more powerful the motor, the higher the maximum speed- Therefore, you should consider the motors’ ability, especially when dealing with hard to sew materials. The average top operating rates also vary from one tool to another.  

For instance, a machine like the Q’nique Quilter 15R: The exciting New mid-arm Quilting Machine has a speed that ranges up to 1800SPM.

  • Throat capacity

The throat capacity of a machine enables it to handle the long and thick fabrics comfortably. However, this capability varies depending on the worktable’s size, with the standard measurements ranging between 8″ to 16″.

  • Stitch selector

Each machine has a specific number of utility stitches. Therefore, it needs an easy to control dial that you can use to select the preferred stitch. For this reason, different designers have come up with diverse designs of this knob. 

You can either find a manual control knob, LCD system with control buttons, or even an LCD system with a touch screen capability like in Janome Memory Craft Horizon 8200QCP Special Edition With Exclusive Bundle.

  • Thread tension

You will be handling materials with different thicknesses and lengths. Thus, you need to select a tool that has a convenient thread tension mechanism. I recommend that you choose an automatic thread tension system to save on your quality sewing time.

  • LED work light

Since you will be processing diverse materials with large throat capacities, your machines need to have embedded LED work lights to illuminate the working space, especially for dark fabrics.

Some machines, such as the Janome MC6650 Sewing and Quilting Machine, feature six LED lights well-located at different positions.


You can never find a paralleled tool that can provide efficient sewing on long and thick seams like the large throat sewing machines for quilting. These eminent tools perform with extra high speeds to tackle various fabric materials.

They are also fully mechanized with well-located control dials for effortless operations. However, I stand with Janome MC6650 Sewing and Quilting Machine since it characterizes unique features like 6-LED lights, large working space, and many others.

I hope this article poses as your reference guide whenever you need to get a sewing machine for your demanding projects.

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