11 Best Sewing Machine for Making Wigs- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2021

Image of wig created with the Best Sewing Machine for Making Wigs In the ever-shifting fashion landscape, making your own products is not only a great way to keep looking good on your own terms but also an affordable and sustainable option. Almost everyone enjoys having a great hairstyle, even those who are not that fashion-conscious. Therefore, if you want to pursue the wig-making journey either for individual or commercial purposes, you need to get a sewing machine that will start you off in the right direction. You need the best sewing machine for making wigs that will always keep you updated in making new wig designs.

There are some essential features that you should consider before investing in a sewing machine. For instance, you need a unit that will make high-quality and durable wigs. Such machines help in upgrading the neatness, secure wefts, and usability of your wigs.

If you keep reading, you will get the eleven of the best units with detailed reviews that clearly show their performance differences. However, before the reviews, let’s start by looking at some of the little yet important aspects of these products that you should look at and have in mind going into the market from the buyer’s guide below. Read on for more insight…

Best Sewing Machine For Making Wigs Buyers’ Guide

 As fashion takes over the world today, many people don’t imagine walking with unkempt hair, especially for ladies. If you want to pursue any sewing practice, I would recommend you choose wig making. The reason is that you will have a vast market for your products. However, you need the best sewing machine for making wigs to achieve such dreams.

Investing in an outstanding unit requires some basic knowledge about the specific product you need. Because if you choose the wrong machine, your sewing life will be a mess since it will be challenging for you to pick up the basics.

You can always refer to this guide before purchasing. I have included all the essential features to look at before choosing. Also, I have explained the procedure of making wigs. There are also some additional points that you will find necessary for your research.

Why You Need the Best Sewing Machine For Making Wigs

  • Easy to use. Using these machines does not require professionals since they have easy to use features.
  • Numerous stitches. The units provide a variety of stitch applications to meet all your sewing demands.
  • Large work area. You will be in a position to handle the long and thick wigs with ease, thanks to the large working area on these items. Even more, some come with an extension table to tackle the extra long wigs.
  • You rest assured of durability on these machines from the rugged interior construction. This construction holds all the mechanisms firmly to facilitate stability.
  • Low-level vibrations. You will not feel uncomfortable working with these units since most of them come with a stainless steel bed that diminishes the vibration levels.
  • High sewing speed. What’s best about these items is how they let you finish your work in less time. However, the maximum operating speed varies from one machine to the next.
  • Easy stitch selection. For the mechanical sewing machines, selecting the desired stitch is as easy as turning the dial. However, for computerized ones, you can choose your required stitches using the stitch selection buttons.
  • Compact design. Most of these products have a compact and lightweight design that contributes to their portability to any workstation.
  • They save time. Apart from operating at high speeds, these machines have other automated features like the automatic needle threader and thread cutter that save your sewing time so that you can complete your wig projects quickly.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Sewing Machine for Making Wigs

  • Durability

If you have ventured into the wig-making business, you must be ready to handle many jobs at a go. Due to this, you need to invest in a durable sewing machine. You should consider the one with rugged construction. To be specific, it should have an interior metal framing to hold all the mechanisms in place. I highly recommend the mechanical sewing machines with metallic construction since they can last longer with some upkeep and maintenance.

  • Inbuilt LED lights

You probably prefer paying attention to the sewing path, especially when working on projects that require high precision, like making wigs. Therefore, you need to ensure you choose a machine with an embedded bright LED light. This extra brightness can make a vast difference from when working with no lights. It illuminates the sewing path making the machine suitable for working in dark rooms or dark wigs.

  • Bobbin Rewinding

Manually rewinding the bobbin can be a very laborious task. This makes this feature an essential factor of consideration. To avoid rewinding the bobbin manually, ensure you choose a sewing unit with an easy to insert and wind bobbin system. An added advantage is when you consider a machine with a transparent bobbin cover so that you can easily monitor the thread supply.

  • Working Area

Not all wigs are of the same size. Therefore, you need to consider the working area. Standard sewing machines for making wigs have an average work table to handle the medium wig size. However, if you want to work on long and thick wigs, ensure you choose a product with an expandable table. It would be wise to remember that sewing wigs require extra space, and the already working area might not be enough for most sewists.

  • Stitching Applications

Before choosing any sewing unit, it’s always vital to consider the number of inbuilt stitches. Each machine comes with a specified number depending on the model. For making wigs, you need to choose a unit with both zigzag and straight stitches. The reason is that making wigs often requires these two stitches. However, it would help if you didn’t worry about having the additional stitches.

  • Stability

Undoubtedly, you can’t get straight stitches when working with a sewing machine that wobbles or produces more vibrations. You should ensure you check for stable operation and mechanisms so that your wig has proper stitches with no flaws. For this reason, consider buying a sewing unit that offers minimal vibrations. The recommended construction is the stainless-steel bedplate. To reduce wobbling, ensure you buy a machine with ergonomic rubberized feet.

How to Make a Wig Using a Sewing Machine

Have you ever wished to design and make wigs? Here are some tips. However, mastering the basic skills needed when using a sewing machine will help you work faster and more efficiently.

  • Step 1: Grab Some Hair

As the first step, you need to have some hair, either frontal or closure, then pair it up with other few bundles of hair. You have the okay to choose either a longer or equal length of hair strands depending on your preference. For instance, you can make a combination of two 6″ bundles and the other two in 4″.

  • Step 2: Get a Wig Cap

In this step, you need a mesh dome cap where you will attach the weft. After this, make a metallic or a white marker to drag a few lines to where you prefer attaching the weft.

  • Step 3: Start Sewing

Here is where you need to pay more attention since doubling the weft is the most crucial step in sewing wigs. You have to choose the “zigzag” pattern, then take the double weft and lay it underneath the presser foot. After this, proceed with the sewing until the weft’s end, then repeat this process with all the remaining hair bundles.

  • Step 4: Sewing the Weft/ Strand of Hair Onto the Mesh Dome Cap

Here, it would help if you placed the dome cap under your sewing unit’s presser foot. The next thing is to take the weft and put them on the dome cap on the initially traced lines. After all the alignment, lower the presser foot and start sewing. You need to ensure the needle is in the down position and then use the foot pedal to start sewing using the zigzag style.

  • Step 5: Provide Some Tension

Even though this step is optional, it would be better if you provided some tension while stitching. However, you should ensure no dragging or stretching of the cap since it can result in shrinking. It’s also wise to pause while sewing so that you can check for the proper alignment of the weft.

  • Step 6: Reverse Sewing

This is another optional step since not all machines allow for reverse sewing. But if yours does, then consider activating this function. It helps in securing the ends so that it does not come off. After you complete sewing, cut the thread and the weft using the included thread cutter.

  • Step 7: Take a Mannequin Head

When your wig is ready, assemble it on the mannequin head. After this, you need to pin down the frontal or the closure to hand sew. As you do this, ensure you sew through to make it more secure. Also, ensure the needle penetrates within the dome cap too. Continue with this process until you rest assured the frontal and closure have correctly attached to the wig. Wow! That’s it. The only remaining thing is to comb or straighten the wig if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I sew my wig on?

 Yes, you can. The reason is that when you sew in your wig, you are likely to wear it for a longer time. However, another option is gluing it in place, but it won’t have that permanent fit.

  • How long can I wear a wig? 

It’s best to have your wig on for at least two weeks. However, this shouldn’t prevent you from taking care of your scalp’s health by washing it at least every ten days or when you sweat a lot.

  • How do you make wigs with bangs? 

This process is as easy as using a closure wig or putting on the wig. Then cut the bangs according to the preferred style or shape manually.


Best Sewing Machine For Making Wigs Product Reviews

In this section, I’m going to look at a dailed discussions regarding individual products, their distinct features, advantages as well as the disadvantages to help you make the best decisions. Here are the top products…

1. Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine, CS6000i

 When making wigs, you need an advanced machine that can handle such tasks with ease. This is because making wigs requires high precision. Your first consideration should be the Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine, CS6000i. The item has up to 60 inbuilt stitches, including the seven types of buttonholes and decorative stitches. With up to 9 presser feet, you can make different wig designs.

The product offers you limitless options on the wig’s size, thanks to its wide table perfect for larger quilting projects. Even better, the table is detachable, providing you with the flexibility to handle your job. Besides, you can quickly view your selected stitching option from the backlit LCD screen.

Summary of the key features

  • You can adjust the sewing speed.
  • It has a brightly lit sewing area.
  • The machine has an inbuilt free arm.
  • It includes a hard machine case.
  • This unit has a printed guide.


  • The guide instructions are in English and Spanish.
  • It offers a wide range of sewing and quilting features.
  • You can easily sew even on dark wigs.
  • It has a compact and lightweight design.
  • The machine is durable.
  • It has high sewing speeds.


  • It only has 60 stitching options.


2. SINGER 4423 Sewing Machine

The SINGER 4423 Sewing Machine has unparalleled sewing capability. It features an automatic needle threader that perfectly aligns the thread through the needle. With a sewing speed of up to 1100 stitches per minute, you will finish making your wigs in no time. Besides, the unit provides you with at least 97 stitch applications to expound on your sewing capability.

It would be wise if you didn’t worry about the size of wig you want to make. The reason is that the machine has an extra high presser foot to accommodate thick fabrics. It also has an interior metallic frame that provides enhanced durability. Stitch selection on this machine is straightforward with the integrated stitch selection dial.

Summary of the key features

  • The unit comes with up to 97 stitch applications.
  • It has a maximum sewing speed of up to 1100 stitches per minute.
  • This machine includes 4 presser feet.
  • The item has an extra high presser foot lift.
  • It has a 60% stronger motor.


  • It has a printed threading path.
  • The machine easily threads the needle.
  • It can handle various sewing jobs.
  • It’s easy to use.


  • The motor has a rating of only 0.7 Amps.


3. Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine

 Undoubtedly, most Brother sewing machines are outstanding units, and Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine is proof of that. First, it offers versatility for a wide range of sewing applications like making wigs. The XM2701 also has up to 27 stitching applications, including decorative, blind hem, and quilting stitches.

What is best about this unit is that you don’t have to be a professional to use it. This is because the item comes with easy-to-use features. For instance, the automatic needle threader prevents eye strain and frustrations by threading the machine in a matter of seconds. There is also a jam-resistant bobbin system, which ensures you never run off the edge when making wigs of different designs.

Summary of the key features

  • It has 27 stitches.
  • You will enjoy using the six sewing feet.
  • The stitch selection dial is easy to use.
  • It sews with a maximum speed of up to 800 stitches per minute.
  • This unit only weighs 12.6 pounds.
  • It offers a brightly lit work area.


  • It’s ideal for beginners.
  • It has a compact and lightweight design.
  • Threading this machine is effortless.
  • You will enjoy the easy stitch selection.


  • The maximum sewing speed is only 800 SPM.


4. SINGER Heavy Duty 4432 Sewing Machine

If you want a true workhorse sewing machine that never disappoints, choose the SINGER Heavy Duty 4432 Sewing Machine. The item allows you to choose from the 110 stitching applications to make different wig designs. That is not all since you will also enjoy the high sewing speed of up to 1100 stitches per minute.

As one of the best sewing machine for making wigs, the 4432 provides you with 4 presser feet for enhanced capability. Besides, it has a bobbin system with a transparent cover that lets you monitor the thread supply. Even more, you can quickly load the bobbin from the top. Threading this machine is easy with the included automatic needle threader.

Summary of the key features

  • The maximum sewing speed is 1100 stitches per minute.
  • It has a rugged interior construction.
  • This unit comes with 4 presser feet.
  • It has 110 stitching applications.
  • The machine has an inbuilt reverse lever.
  • This item has a soft dust cover.
  • It has a stainless-steel bedplate.


  • You can sew in reverse.
  • The unit offers 50% more power.
  • You can use it for sewing thicker wigs.
  • It allows for a smooth fabric flow.
  • You will finish your projects in less time.


  • It has a manual stitch selection.


5. Brother PQ1500SL Sewing and Quilting Machine

 You can’t afford to miss using this machine for your wig projects since it offers a full range of features and lightweight design without sacrificing capabilities. Its operating speed is unparalleled and reaches a top of 1500 stitches per minute. Thus, you can finish your projects in less time.

With advanced needle threading, you do not have to worry about pushing the thread through the needle’s eye. There is also an extended table so you can handle the long and thick wigs with ease. What makes this product stand out is the adjustable pin feed mechanism that permits you to exchange how you use the feed dogs for a single pin.

Summary of the key features

  • The machine has four additional feed dog settings.
  • It comes with a knee lifter.
  • You will enjoy using the bed extension table.
  • It has an automatic thread cutter.
  • The maximum sewing speed is 1500 stitches per minute.
  • It has an advanced needle threading system.


  • You can sew wigs in less time.
  • It comes with an instructional manual.
  • You can lift the presser foot without your hands.
  • It’s easy to sew various fabric thicknesses.
  • It’s easy to select the stitches.


  • It weighs up to 29.76 pounds.

6. JUKI TL-2000Qi

 The JUKI TL-2000Qi is one of the sewing machines that boast an extension table that provides an expansive work area. Besides, it has a high sewing speed that reaches 1500 stitches per minute so that you can finish your projects in no time. Updated with bright LED lights, you can quickly work on dark wigs and from low visibility rooms.

The one pedal operation system saves you more time while working. Besides, the machine has a maximum stitch length of 6mm, ideal for making thicker wigs. When operating this machine, you will experience low vibrations thanks to the incorporated aluminum die cast arm and bed. Threading the needle from the spool to the needle eye is easy with the automatic needle threader.

Summary of the key features

  • The unit has an extension table.
  • This item has a maximum sewing speed of 1500 SPM.
  • The product has a bright LED light.
  • It comes with an aluminum die cast arm and bed.
  • This unit has a maximum stitch length of 6mm.


  • You can use it in a low visibility room.
  • It is suitable for long and thick wigs.
  • The product has low vibration levels.
  • It utilizes the one pedal operation system.
  • It is easy to operate.


  • It is a bit heavy.


7. Brother Sewing Machine, GX37

 As a sewing enthusiast, Brother Sewing Machine, GX37 is the suitable machine for you. It offers up to 37 unique utility and decorative stitches so you can make all kinds of wigs you wish. When you purchase this machine, you will find the stitches conveniently printed on the side. Selecting your desired stitch is as easy as turning the dial to your preferred stitch.

Additionally, the item has a free arm sewing capability that will let you sew the hard-to-reach areas on your wig projects. Therefore, it enables you to expand your sewing abilities. With accessories such as the zigzag foot, zipper foot, buttonhole, button sewing foot, blind stitch, and a narrow hemmer foot, you should consider the Brother Sewing Machine, GX37 on your budget list.

Summary of the key features

  • It has up to 37 utility and decorative stitches.
  • It only weighs 15.4 pounds.
  • This product uses the dial stitch selection.
  • It has a drop feed sewing system.
  • The unit comes with a free arm.
  • It has six sewing feet.


  • Stitch selection is easy.
  • It has the stitches printed on the side.
  • Loading the bobbin is easy.
  • You will get a guide DVD and manual.
  • It’s ideal for every user, from beginner to advanced.


  • The unit only has 37 utility and decorative stitches.


8. SINGER | M3330 Making The Cut Sewing Machine

 Are you in need of the best sewing machine for making wigs? The SINGER | M3330 got your back. It provides you with up to 97 stitch applications for your essential and decorative sewing needs. Besides, this unit saves your sewing time with the needle threader that effortlessly threads the needle for a faster start.

Even better, M3330 illuminates your sewing path with a bright LED light while eliminating shadows. Inserting and winding the bobbins is easy, and this helps maintain a smooth needle plate surface. It also has a rigid interior metal construction that provides maximum durability. What will blow your mind are the customized stitches for creative sewing applications needed for making different wig designs.

Summary of the key features

  • The item has a front-loading bobbin.
  • It features bright LED lights.
  • This unit has an advanced needle threader.
  • It has up to 97 stitch applications.
  • The machine provides you with a free arm.
  • It has four presser feet.
  • It has adjustable stitch length and width.


  • You can easily use and maintain this unit.
  • It’s effortless to thread the needle.
  • It’s easy to wind and insert the bobbins.
  • The item provides a clear view of the sewing area.
  • You will enjoy faster starts.


  • It has no computerized features.


9. Brother SM1400 Sewing Machine

 Brother SM1400 Sewing Machine has everything you need for your next wig-making project. At only 13 pounds, this item is among the lightest sewing units ideal for making wigs. Due to its compact design, the SM1400 can easily fit on a desk or table. This means you can take it with you to any workstation.

With up to 14 stitching applications for the blind hem, buttonholes, stretch stitches, and zipper insertion, you can also use this item for all your wig projects. The product has a transparent bobbin cover, so you can easily monitor the thread supply. Even better, the bobbin feature has an automatic winding system that saves your sewing time.

Summary of the key features

  • It only weighs 13 pounds.
  • The unit has a stitch selection dial.
  • It has 14 stitching applications.
  • The bobbin has an automatic winding system.
  • This item has an interior metal framing that holds all the mechanisms.


  • You can easily monitor the thread supply.
  • It has a compact and lightweight design.
  • The unit has a high sewing speed.
  • Threading the needle is easy.
  • Maintaining this unit is a breeze.


  • It does not have an extension table.


10. Heavy Duty 4452 Sewing Machine

 The Heavy Duty 4452 Sewing Machine ensures you get professional results each time. Besides, you will sew with extra high speeds that reach a whopping 1100 stitches per minute. This means you will precisely plow through all your wig projects 30% faster than the standard sewing units. The 4452 also has a stainless-steel bedplate that permits for a smooth fabric flow.

With this outstanding sewing machine, you will enjoy skip-free sewing, thanks to the interior metal framing. The frame also facilitates enhanced durability. What’s unique about the 4452 is that it comes with heavy-duty bonus accessories. The weight of this product also contributes to its versatility.

Summary of the key features

  • The item weighs 15.71 pounds.
  • It has a powerful motor.
  • The item operates at speeds of up to 1100 stitches per minute.
  • It features a stainless-steel bed.
  • This machine has 7 presser feet.
  • It has 110 stitch applications.
  • The machine has a printed threading path.


  • You can load the bobbin loads from the top.
  • It’s easy to monitor the thread supply.
  • Threading the machine is easy.
  • You will finish your projects in less time.
  • It has a rugged construction.
  • There are no eye strains or frustrations.
  • It integrates a soft-sided dust cover.


  • It’s a mechanical sewing machine.

11. SINGER MX231 Sewing Machine

 What you will love most about the SINGER MX231 Sewing Machine are the 97 basic and decorative stitches along with the stretch stitches. This provides room for developing different wig designs with essential sewing techniques. The adjustable presser foot lets you adjust the feed depending on the thickness of the wig.

Threading this machine takes seconds, thanks to the needle threader that also facilities for faster starts. Additionally, inserting and winding the bobbin is easy while maintaining a smooth needle plate surface. As a mechanical machine, the MX231 is easy to use, maintain and has manual controls rendering it the best sewing machine for making wigs.

Summary of the key features

  • It has adjustable pressure foot pressure.
  • It is easy to adjust the stitch length and width.
  • The product has a front bobbin system.
  • It comes with up to 97 stitching options.
  • It has an inbuilt needle threader.
  • This item has a full metal construction.


  • Threading the machine takes seconds.
  • It has guaranteed maximum durability.
  • It is easy to wind and insert the bobbin.
  • You can select the right stitch for every wig type.
  • This unit has a compact design.
  • It is easy to use.


  • It only has 97 stitching options.


 While custom wigs can elevate your entire look, to get the best results, you will need to sew them skillfully. Ensure you have the basic skills needed to use a standard sewing machine. This should not worry you too much, though, since the more you practice, the more efficient and skillful you will become at sewing.

When choosing the best sewing machine for making wigs, ensure you consider all the features you have just seen from the buying guide. The product reviews will help you choose a unique unit that will best fit your needs. However, I recommend the Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine, CS6000i. Apart from its convenient LCD screen, this item has other outstanding features that outshine other sewing machines for making wigs. Nonetheless, I guarantee you that all the above products will truly live up to all your expectations in making wigs.

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